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Oct. 30, 2019

Ep #189: Manifesting More Money

Ep #189: Manifesting More Money
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Would you like to manifest more money naturally and easily?

Have you ever heard or held the belief that someone has to lose money in order for you to gain it?

During this interview Mia shares how she got double what she expected for the sale of her business equipment. She’s been in the business for over 30 years, so she knows what equipment goes for. 

And yet, someone made her an offer they felt good about (no one has to lose) and was double what she was intending to get for her business.

Did this happen because she set an intention to sell her stuff for more and then did a bunch of manifesting rituals to make it happen?

No, listen to hear about how easily this money is flowing into Mia’s life simply because she is doing the Manifest $10K work and becoming a person who has more and more money.

Napa Valley winemaker for 35 years. First 8 years as an employee, next 27 as owner of my own brand, Selene Wines, and consulting winemaker for other client wineries. Right now winding down Selene and dialing back a bit on the consulting. Mia and her beloved want to be ready for what's next from the universe. 


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