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Nov. 13, 2019

Ep #191: Surfing and The Law of Attraction

Ep #191: Surfing and The Law of Attraction
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Mia is enjoying that she has a big amount in her bank account. She’s enjoying it even more because she did the work in Manifest $10K. As she navigates those big amounts she is going back to lessons she learned as she explores what to do with a big amount. 

During her recent visit to Hawaii Mia had some big “ah-has”. In this interview we talk about surfing and big waves and how to navigate them in the ocean and life. 

Mia also gives some big golden nuggets to those who want to have a big bank account balances by telling you the thoughts and actions that she is experiencing in the current moment. 

Listen to hear how surfing is connecting to manifesting in a big way.

Napa Valley winemaker for 35 years. First 8 years as an employee, next 27 as owner of my own brand, Selene Wines, and consulting winemaker for other client wineries. Right now winding down Selene and dialing back a bit on the consulting. Mia and her beloved want to be ready for what's next from the universe. 


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