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Nov. 20, 2019

Ep #192: Using the Law of Attraction to Grow Wealth

Ep #192: Using the Law of Attraction to Grow Wealth
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Mia was recently called a “Financial Wizard” by someone in the financial world because she knows what she’s doing and she has everything set up she needs when it comes to the big money that has come into her life. 

In this interview we talk about how she moved away from her former money story is Scarcity Then Hot Mess When There Was Money and is writing a new one where she is Financial Wizard. Because Mia’s former money story is Hot Mess, she used to sabotage having more and more money. She had a ceiling on the amount of money she would allow herself to have and she didn’t even know. Now she is not only aware of what she used to do, but has become so in touch with her Future Self that she doesn’t worry about sabotaging like that anymore. She knows she’s not going to.

Stepping into her Future Self has also made creating money more peaceful and her partner likes it more too. She’s not jumping at alerts for her options trading, but rather has found the rhythm that works for her and breads peace and calm. In this interview she talks about how freeing it is to be living and creating money this way.

Listen to hear how Mia is enjoying more time and money in her life.

Napa Valley winemaker for 35 years. First 8 years as an employee, next 27 as owner of my own brand, Selene Wines, and consulting winemaker for other client wineries. Right now winding down Selene and dialing back a bit on the consulting. Mia and her beloved want to be ready for what's next from the universe. 


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