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Jan. 1, 2020

Ep #198: How to Create a Balanced Life

Ep #198: How to Create a Balanced Life
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Michele used to be the person running around with her hair on fire trying to put out other fires. Her life was chaotic. Now, it’s calm and she likes it.

As Michele becomes more powerful with her money, more is flowing to her. Not just money, but really good ideas.  In this interview we talk about this as well as how she realized she didn’t have to give the amount she grew up believing and how she now believes it’s ok to have more money. 

She’s also got a great new idea that she is allowing to unfold. 

Listen to hear all the good stuff. 

Michele is a member of The Enchanted Circle. She has participated in the following:

  • Manifest $10K with Support
  • Script Your Millionaire Money Story
  • Script Your Happy Ever After

Michele Voris is a successful Mompreneur in the field of organic health. She helps men and women get healthy, fit and wealthy.

Click http://michelevoris.com to connect with Michele.


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