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Jan. 15, 2020

Ep #200: How Survival Shows Up Emotionally

Ep #200: How Survival Shows Up Emotionally
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Your money story impacts your whole life.

When you change it, everything changes. 

Michele’s former money story was Survival. 

Emotional this meant she was happy or angry. 

There was no in between.

There was no content or peace or calm.

Happy or angry, that’s it. 

She had so little emotional range that the first time she participated in the Future Self workshop, she had to Google feelings because she couldn’t even imagine anything else. 

Changing her money story has changed everything.

There is very little anger and her happiness is even deeper.

And the most powerful shift is that Michele now knows what it feels like to feel calm and peaceful.

Listen to this interview to hear how this shift has changed many experiences in Michele’s life and opened the door to “becoming” her Future Self. You’ll also hear how Michele threw herself the most amazing 50th birthday party following inspiration and manifesting along the way.

For her party, Michele set a budget of $1000. She stuck to the numbers and other money flowed in without her doing anything extra. By following her birthday party inspiration, Michele had some larger unexpected deposits, referrals and profit flowing into her life. The more she leaned into inspiration, the more it all flowed to her.

She has manifested $223,828.30 since January 2018. She is now at choice with her money. Michele has stepped into her power of being good with money. 

These are her words, “My perfect manifesting story is going from hundreds of dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month by tapping into my Future Self. Literally, from 2015 to 2019, I have a completely new life. Everything! New home, new income stream, relationship status, etc. All of it - manifested! 365 days a year is "It's Happening" for me. I am living the life I used to dream of.”

This is a good place to be for a 50th birthday present to herself.

Michele is a member of The Enchanted Circle. She has participated in the following:

  • Manifest $10K with Support
  • Script Your Millionaire Money Story
  • Script Your Happy Ever After

Michele Voris is a successful Mompreneur in the field of organic health. She helps men and women get healthy, fit and wealthy.

Click http://michelevoris.com to connect with Michele.


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