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Jan. 29, 2020

Ep #202: What Happens When You Script?

Ep #202: What Happens When You Script?
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Scripting is the most powerful law of attraction tool I know of. 

It’s a powerful way to experience the life you desire and rewire your brain to help you get that experience as well.

The more you script, the more you become. 

The more you script, the more you let go.

And the letting go isn’t always painless. As you script what you really want, which means leaving behind the current and past, your brain wires itself differently. It literally detoxes the old stuff out. 

When Lainie (featured in today’s interview) first completed the scripting workshop, there was a lot of emotional debris cleared out. It had to be in order to make room for the new. 

Scripting is much more powerful than drudging everything up to look at it and try and let it go. Scripting forces it out because the new is coming it. 

And the space it leaves is wide open for possibility.

In this interview Lainie talks about the difference between the first and second time she did the scripting workshop and what happened next.

Listen to the interview and let the power of scripting sink in deeply.

Lainie Hodges is the owner of Improv Alchemy. With over 15 years of experience in youth, athlete, professional, and personal development fields, Lainie Hodges excels at creating environments where people grow and develop through the power of play, performance and improvisation. She leverages everyone's unique talents and assets to make them more innovative, agile, creative, and responsive. You can reach her at lainie@improvalchemy.com


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