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Feb. 19, 2020

Ep #205: She Has It All!

Ep #205: She Has It All!
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That is the title of the story Lainie is living and creating now. It took awhile for Lainie to develop the self-worth and self-love to write a story this powerful. During this interview we talk about the first time she took the Future Self workshop and how it was like breaking open a seed and it took awhile for her to sprout to the surface to be able to soak up the sun. She’s there now, and creating the most amazing life. 

Lainie is owning her work at a whole new level and we look back at that journey. In the beginning Lainie wanted to work with athletes, but she wasn’t focused on it because she didn’t believe she could really ask for what she wanted. As she’s grown, so has her desire and she is stepping into her Future Self more everyday to create the reality she desires. 

Lainie Hodges is the owner of Improv Alchemy.

With over 15 years of experience in youth, athlete, professional, and personal development fields, Lainie Hodges excels at creating environments where people grow and develop through the power of play, performance and improvisation. She leverages everyone's unique talents and assets to make them more innovative, agile, creative, and responsive. You can reach her at lainie@improvalchemy.com


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