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March 25, 2020

Ep #210: How to Believe You Deserve Success

Ep #210: How to Believe You Deserve Success
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Wanting and deserving are two different things. If you’re using the Law of Attraction, there are probably a lot of things you want. Deep down do you feel like you deserve them? Feeling worthy of the experiences you desire has a big impact on whether or not you get those experiences. 

Paulie has wanted her “role of a lifetime” for a long time. When she started The Enchanted Circle two years ago, she was doing everything she could imagine to make that role happen. She had to set down her manifesting to-do list and start feeling the feelings now. She tapped into the experience and has lived it through scripting. 

Now her role of a lifetime is happening and she feels completely deserving of it. She wakes up each day knowing she’s going to have a great day. The unknown now feels exciting because she expects good things to happen. 

It wasn’t always like this for Paulie. Two years ago she woke up hoping nothing bad would happen. In this interview she says she feels like she’s grown more in two years than her whole life before. She’s left anxiety and depression behind. They’ve been exchanged for feeling good and like she’s living her purpose. Feeling deserving of what you want is a process of growth.  

Listen to hear how it’s been fun and easy to grow for Paulie, so that your brain can open to the possibility it can be fun and easy for you too.

Paulie Rojas-Redding is an actress and entrepreneur. classical enthusiast, and lover of travel, adventure, dogs, and a good Russian novel. She spent her childhood in Mexico City learning the ways of the world and acquiring her first found loves of art, ranging from Diego Rivera to Kate Hepburn.

She is also the CEO of The Public Speaking Pro where she uses her passion and expertise of storytelling and communication to guide and inspire people to be dynamic leaders.

She can be reached at About.me/PaulieRedding


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