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April 22, 2020

Ep #214: How Much Time Do You Need To Do Your Manifesting For Results?

Ep #214: How Much Time Do You Need To Do Your Manifesting For Results?
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What do you do when it feels like it’s not working?

  • Read another book
  • Add in more affirmations
  • Start visualizing
  • Write an even clearer list of what you want
  • Listen to every law of attraction audio book
  • Figure out a new mantra
  • Try to fix all your limiting beliefs
  • So many people do this and yet I have rarely seen it work. 

The reason is because the more you do, the more you’re telling yourself it’s not working. So it doesn’t. Then you do more. 

What if you could really just do a little “manifesting” and experience bigger results?

Listen to this interview to hear proof, doing less can create more.

In the interview Vicki and I discuss how she only invests 20 minutes/day in manifesting and is experiencing bigger results than ever before. 

We also discuss how she is working less and making more money than before.

It can be easier. Listen to this interview to open your brain up to the possibility.

Vicki Pace is originally from upstate NY as well as NYC and now lives in sunny Denver, CO! She is a full time prospering actor in the local and professional theaters of Colorado. She also loves directing and coaching kids in theater!


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