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April 29, 2020

Ep #215: What To Do When It's Not Working Like You Want

Ep #215: What To Do When It's Not Working Like You Want
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What do YOU do when “it’s” not working out like you want it to?

Do you…

  • Try and figure it out?
  • Get pissed and decide you’re not supposed to have a great life?
  • Feel frustrated and throw your hands in the air?
  • Get really upset, because it never works out for you?
  • What if instead, you asked yourself, “What do I want it to feel like?”

That is the question I asked Vicki 3-5 months before this interview. 

We were talking about her summer. All these things seemed like they were lining up and they fell apart.

She was upset, frustrated, confused and didn’t know what to do. 

When she  came to a coaching call I asked her, “What’s the best thing that could happen?” 

She answered, “Working with kids during the day and performing in my own show at night.” 

That is exactly what happened for Vicki!

Listen to hear all about how it’s possible to create magical experiences even when it feels like it’s not working out.

Vicki Pace is originally from upstate NY as well as NYC and now lives in sunny CO! She is a full time prospering actor in the local and professional theaters of Colorado. She also loves directing and coaching kids in theater!


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