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July 22, 2020

Ep #228: How to Manifest More By Being In For The Long Game

Ep #228: How to Manifest More By Being In For The Long Game
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The place I see a lot of people “get off” their manifesting track is by focusing too much on right now and too little on the long game. 

Yes, it’s important to be present now. And you want everything to run smoothly right now. 

However, it’s not always a smooth path to your Future Life and that’s because getting to your Future Self requires growing and becoming and often those things require you to go through things that don’t feel good.

Focusing on the long game helps make those bumps along the way easier. The key to managing them is to see them as part of the process rather than something that needs to be fixed. 

In this interview Mia and I talk about the long game of your Future Self as well as how it helps her as an options trader. 

Listen to hear how Mia focuses on the long game to keep from freaking out about losses and getting off track.

Napa Valley winemaker for 35 years. First 8 years as an employee, next 27 as owner of my own brand, Selene Wines, and consulting winemaker for other client wineries. Right now winding down Selene and dialing back a bit on the consulting. Mia and her beloved want to be ready for what's next from the universe. 


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