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Aug. 26, 2020

Ep #232: How Does Vulnerability Affect Manifesting?

Ep #232: How Does Vulnerability Affect Manifesting?
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Vulnerability is key to the Law of Attraction. 

The definition of vulnerability from dictionary.com is this “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.”

Usually, when it comes to vulnerability and creating your dream life the possibility for attack is emotional. 

Here are some reasons being vulnerable leads to better manifesting:

The things that you want most can feel vulnerable to ask for. 

This might sound something like, 

  • “It’s too much.” 
  • “It’s crazy to want that.” 
  • “People will think differently of me if I am truthful about what I want.” 
  • Or something along those lines.

All those thoughts keep you from being vulnerable. They keep you from ever fully asking for what you want. Because if you don’t ask, you won’t be open for attack.

Sometimes you even avoid vulnerability with yourself because you can come under emotional attack from yourself. 

Staying small keeps you away from the possibility of emotional attack.

It also holds you back from asking for what you desire most deeply.

The law of attraction works best when you ask, and own what you really REALLY want. 

There is magic when you let your deepest desires out.

That requires vulnerability which can look like:

  • Showing up and owning you don’t feel perfect
  • Asking for help
  • Unapologetically asking for what you want. 
  • Admitting you are human and sometimes don’t feel happy.

The journey to your dream life will take you down a path of new experiences, ones that you cannot be perfect at. 

Moving forward toward your dream life will require you to be vulnerable. 

The emotional attack is almost always hypothetical in your brain and even if it’s real, it’s worth facing to become more of who you are, because that is how you become more of the person living your dream life.

Napa Valley winemaker for 35 years. First 8 years as an employee, next 27 as owner of my own brand, Selene Wines, and consulting winemaker for other client wineries. Right now winding down Selene and dialing back a bit on the consulting. Mia and her beloved want to be ready for what's next from the universe. 


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