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Sept. 30, 2020

Ep #237: Following Inspiration to Manifest $10,000

Ep #237: Following Inspiration to Manifest $10,000
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Inspiration, my definition when it comes to manifesting, is a feeling of guidance to do something that pops up out of nowhere and often makes no sense in the moment. 

When you are leveraging the law of attraction to create a big, beautiful life, two of the skills you must develop are to first, feel/hear inspiration and two to follow it, especially if it makes no sense. 

In this episode, I share a story of how I manifested $10,000 by following inspiration.

  • I bought and sold a condo in 90 days and I manifested $10,000 on the sale. 
  • I wasn’t looking for something to buy. 
  • I didn’t have a way to get a mortgage at the time.
  • I didn’t really want the condo.
  • And I followed inspiration to $10,000.

The Universe is always working to support you.

When you allow yourself to hear and follow that inspiration, you’ll get what you desire faster. 

Cassie Parks loves the ocean, dancing for no reason and the power of possibility. Her best-selling books include the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. She is a mentor for those who want to turn their wildest dreams into their dreams come true.


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