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Oct. 7, 2020

Ep #238: How I Manifested 10,000 Dollars Buying Shoes

Ep #238: How I Manifested 10,000 Dollars Buying Shoes
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When it comes to manifesting, stepping into your Future Self is an important part of the process that doesn’t come with a check-list.

Almost five years ago, I manifested $10,000 by stepping into my Future Self. Once you script your Future Self, you will be given opportunities to step into her or him. They may be opportunities you create or ones that your Future Self creates for you. 

For me, my Future Self led me to my Jimmy Choos. And my reward for literally stepping into her shoes was $10,000.

In this interview, I talk about how I had never wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos and how they were a way of stepping into my Future Self. I tried to resist and they persisted. 

Listen to hear all about the time I found myself investing $750 in a pair of shoes and how that created an additional $10,000 in my life. 

Cassie Parks loves the ocean, dancing for no reason and the power of possibility. Her best-selling books include the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. She is a mentor for those who want to turn their wildest dreams into their dreams come true.


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