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Oct. 28, 2020

Ep #241: What It’s Like to be in The Enchanted Circle!

Ep #241: What It’s Like to be in The Enchanted Circle!
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In this week’s episode, join your host Cassie Parks for a special group interview!  


Cassie will be joined by Becky, Melisa, Dianna, and Jane, four members of the Enchanted Circle, that all joined at the same time. 


In this episode, Cassie will discuss with the group their experience over the last 18 months in the Enchanted Circle!


Cassie will ask the group about:

  • Why they joined the Enchanted Circle.
  • What they remember about their first week.
  • How they have seen each other grow over 18 months together.
  • How the Enchanted Circle helped during the first part of 2020.
  • Why they all have chosen to continue to work with Cassie and took advantage of a limited time offer to commit to the Enchanted Circle long term.
  • What has surprised them about each other as they continue to grow together.
  • How having a safe space to share and talk about anything has helped them to become more vulnerable and create more space in their lives.
  • How it feels to learn to take up space and how that has influenced other areas of their lives.
  • How witnessing each other's growth has increased their belief in themself.
  • What it is like to have a group of cheerleaders.
  • And finally, as LOA masters, what advice they each have for navigating quarantine and the pandemic.


If you have ever wondered what it is like to work with Cassie, and be a part of the Enchanted Circle, this is the episode for you!