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Nov. 11, 2020

Ep #243: What Happens When You Let Go, Feel, and Become

Ep #243: What Happens When You Let Go, Feel, and Become
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Cassie celebrates her seventh freedomvarsy by interviewing three Enchanted Circle members about the year that was 2020 and how they leveraged the Law of Attraction to make it awesome!

First, we discuss what’s awesome! What’s happened that’s awesome includes manifesting a 500 pounds savings on a course and getting paid $1500 for 2-½ hours of work.

Then each member shares their money manifested totals and their favorite money manifesting story of the year.

Mariam starts off the episode by sharing her money manifesting total since joining the Enchanted Circle in June. She discusses how incredible it is to have manifested that amount when she had never manifested anything before.  She also shares how her favorite manifesting story is how she manifested new glasses frames by winning a contest.

Jeanne shares how she manifested her husband’s retirement! She also shares that since April 2020, she has manifested $211,476.15 and shares how she knows even more money is about to show up!!!

Betsy shares how her total money manifested is well over $30,000 and how she has become someone who pays attention to her money!  She now chooses how to invest her money, which has created her financial freedom.

Each of these incredible women also shares the evidence, and it’s happening, they have seen in their lives recently and how it increases their belief that they get it all. You might be surprised by their evidence.

Cassie then asks them, “How has their Law of Attraction experience deepened during 2020?”

Mariam shares how her experience has deepened due to letting go of her belief in perfectionism. She discusses how she trusted the process and decided to give doing less a try and see if she could better leverage the Law of Attraction; it has gotten her exactly what she wanted.

Jeanne adds her thoughts on perfectionism and tells how she manifested a granddaughter by letting go.

And Betsy explains how her experience had deepened by learning how feeling emotions leads to creating what you desire.

The episode wraps up with Jeanne and Betsy sharing how they leaned on their LOA magic during the pandemic.

For Betsy, she’d had months of being in the Enchanted Circle, so she was able to open up at the beginning to see how the pandemic could benefit her.

For Jeanne, it allowed her the space to focus on getting better when she felt really sick in March and April. It allowed her not to panic about “not getting anything done.” This letting go opened up a new direction in business, which will allow her to help more while doing less!

Be sure to tune in next week for the conclusion of this interview!