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Nov. 18, 2020

Ep #244: How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Better

Ep #244: How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Better
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In a continuation of last week's episode, Cassie is again joined by Mariam, Jeanne, and Betsy as they finish up their conversation about everything that has happened in 2020!

As always, the episode kicks off with what's awesome.

This week's awesome includes how Betsy realized that she manifested $10,000 by discovering she loves to organize. 

Also,  Mariam shares how worrying was not helping her and how the Enchanted Circle helped her turn her stress into what she wanted.

Cassie opens up the discussion by asking the group what LOA myths they have dispelled this year. 

Betsy discusses how she didn't want to believe that feeling her feelings was important, but 2020 showed her that the opposite is true.  She now knows that it is okay to feel bad sometimes. 

Jeanne admits that part of why she has worked with Cassie for the last 5 years is because it has taken her 5 years to dispel all the LOA myths. She then shares how her most significant hurdle to get over was getting too detailed about what she wanted.  She discusses how as she let go of the details, she opened up to so much more.

Mariam discusses how before joining the Enchanted Circle, she was spending an hour a day working her LOA magic and admits it wasn't working. She owns that a significant shift in her journey came from listening to Cassie's advice, stopping all of the rituals, and just focusing on the Enchanted Circle has gotten her more then she ever thought possible.

Finally, Jeanne explains how she found that the more she got in touch with her Future Self, the more affirmations naturally found their way into her life and how they were so much more effective than the ones she used to force.

Tune in next week as 2 more Enchanted Circle members join Cassie as we celebrate 2020!