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Dec. 2, 2020

Ep #246: Cassie Parks Manifesting Maven Answers These Questions

Ep #246: Cassie Parks Manifesting Maven Answers These Questions
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Have you ever wanted to ask Cassie a question? Well, Alisa and Safiyya got to do just that!

Join your host Cassie Parks as she turns the tables and has Alisa and Safiyya ask their burning questions.

The show starts with what's awesome, which includes a lot of supportive husbands.

Alisa kicks off the questions by asking about Cassie's Hero's journey. Cassie talks about her call to adventure, her mentor, and her test and trials along the way. 

Next, Safiyya asks Cassie how practicing manifestation and living intentionally changes as you grow. Cassie answers by explaining that as you grow, your practice changes so that you can continue to go bigger and deeper.

Safiyya follows up by asking how Cassie continues to strengthen her trust muscle. Cassie explains that you really start to trust doing stuff when inspired, no matter how strange it may be, and that you trust that there is nothing to lose.

Then, Alisa gets personal and asks Cassie about her money manifesting journey. Cassie explains that even though the numbers aren't here yet, she has the life she wanted 5 years ago. The most significant difference is that she now sees all of the ways that the money she wanted will come to her.

Finally, Safiyya wraps up the episode by asking Cassie to pinpoint the defining moment where she decided that she was all in with the Law of Attraction and that there was no other way. Cassie tells a story about how a few months after she left her job, she was scripting and saw the path opening up and knew there was no going back.

If you ever wanted to get to know Cassie better, then this is must listen to episode!