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Dec. 16, 2020

Ep #248: How Do You Know If You're Following Inspiration

Ep #248: How Do You Know If You're Following Inspiration
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Inspiration and inspired action are two terms that you hear a lot when it comes to manifesting and using the Law of Attraction.

Both are so important when it comes to attracting more money and creating the life of your dreams. 

And they can be hard to define and understand.

Join your host Cassie Parks, as Anita, Kimberly and Susan again join her, and they discuss inspiration and inspired action and how it has shown up in 2020!

00:33: What's awesome!

  • Kimberly: everything!!!
  • Anita: being able to step into her Future Self and go to the dog park every few days!

01:34: Kimberly talks about how the most fun or surprising inspiration she has gotten this year is becoming a Mary Kay consultant. She tells the story about how this came about and how she knows it was inspired to say yes.

02:48: Anita shares that the most surprising inspiration she had this year was to stop drinking. She talks a little about that decision and how she knows it was inspired because it was an idea that came out of nowhere.

04:38: Susan joins the conversation and shares that it is awesome how creative she has been and that she has the time to be creative. 

05:04: Susan discusses that the biggest inspiration she had this year was to go to the hills and camp with her horses. She also shares that because of all of the small inspirations she has been having, she has been able to let go of the outcome of what she wants.

07:24: Cassie adds to what Susan was talking about by adding that when you follow inspiration, allow and let go, you are able to see more possibilities.

09:03: Kimberly shares that she knows she is following inspired action when she just does something or it feels good. She explains that she has learned that it is never inspired if she has to ask if it's inspired.  

10:07: Kimberly continues by explaining that when she is unsure if something is inspired, she asks herself if it makes her happy. She knows that inspiration will lead her to what she wants, which is to feel happy and to be creative.

11:20: Kimberly adds that she felt compelled to ask if something is inspired because she was trying to figure out what inspiration felt like. Now she knows how inspiration feels and what it feels like when something goes from feeling inspired to not being inspired.

12:40: Anita talks about how she had heard of inspired action before diving into using The Law of Attraction but did not really think about it. She admits that she was too deep in the doing to allow for inspiration.

13:11: Anita continues by talking about how much she used to chase and how she has so many ideas she had to learn to ask herself if they were things she could do or things that she actually wanted to do.

14:15: Susan discusses how she has studied the Law of Attraction for the last 20 years, and knew of inspired action, but has grown to understand it so much better in the last few years.