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Dec. 30, 2020

Ep #250: Law of Attraction Coach Answers Manifesting Questions

Ep #250: Law of Attraction Coach Answers Manifesting Questions
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Have you ever wanted to ask Cassie your burning questions about the Law of Attraction? Join your host Cassie Parks as last week's guest, Sonja, turns the tables and asks Cassie her burning questions!

00:50: Sonja asks Cassie what is her biggest pet peeve around people and the Law of Attraction?

  • Cassie answers with people not doing the work and not walking their talk.
  • 02:18: Cassie breaks in to change her answer and give an essential lesson on using the Law of Attraction in daily life.

11:28: Sonja asks Cassie about how the work changes as we grow and up level.

  • Cassie discusses how the work stays the same, but we change. As we redo the same stuff, we have different answers and experiences because we are different.

14:55: Sonja asks Cassie what is the #1 myth she would like to dispel about LOA?

  • Cassie explains that people think LOA is supposed to be easy.
  • Cassie discusses that when we do this work, we are growing and evolving, and that process doesn't always feel good and isn't always easy. And that the magic happens when you choose to keep moving forward no matter what. 

17:33: Sonja asks Cassie what she wishes people knew about break downs. Sonja shares her experience with them and asks Cassie what people need to know about them when growing and using the Law of Attraction.

  • 18:21: Cassie explains that they are natural and good and are what allow us to go to the next level.

21:00: Sonja asks Cassie what you wish people understood about giving space or opening up space in their lives?

  • 23:06: Cassie explains that without space, we cannot create anything new and that if LOA isn't working for you, it is very likely that there is no space for it to work.
  • 25:45: Cassie discusses how every time she has allowed more space, it has led her to up-leveling her business.

27:25: Sonja asks Cassie one final question about the inspiration she is the most excited about that came in 2020.

  • Cassie talks about bringing back Pay After You Manifest and the changes coming to the Enchanted Circle.
  • 28:14: Cassie asks Sonja to tell the story of what happened when she restarted Manifest 10K and manifested over $11,000 in 10 days!
  • 29:10: Cassie talks about how much she loves being the person who can offer people the option to pay after they manifest.
  • 30:34: Sonja adds that it is an amazing opportunity for people who want to work with Cassie and how it is a testament to where her money story is.
  • 31:11