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Jan. 13, 2021

Ep. #252: How to Manifest More

Ep. #252: How to Manifest More
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The best way to manifest more money (or anything) is to honor what you've manifested. 

Have you ever intended money for something, and then when it shows up, you use it for something else?

Have you ever intended to manifest money, and as soon as the money shows up, you say, "But it's not enough?"

Have you ever intended to manifest money and then not tracked it to see if it's come in?

Most people are better at manifesting money than they realize.

What they aren't good at is honoring what's been manifested. 

Kimberly did all that in the past, and when she started in the Enchanted Circle, she learned how to do it differently.

Join your host Cassie Parks and her guest, Kimberly Hite, for episode 2 of 7 in Kimberly’s journey during 2020.

Kimberly Hite has recently gained the courage to step into the title of magical artist. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves.

00:35: Kimberly shares how awesome it is that she moved her studio to her home.  She also talks about how she has manifested so many things off her Manifest $10K list, including a pool. 

01:20: Cassie asks about Kimberly manifesting over $10K before starting Manifest $10K and why Kimberly got a different assignment than anyone else in the Enchanted Circle.

02:37: Cassie talks about the slow, quick way of manifesting and how clarifying what you want allows you to manifest faster.

03:11: Kimberly and Cassie talk about how Kimberly was trying to manifest money for things she was already taking care of and how she had to get clear about what she wanted to manifest.  

03:50: Cassie talks about how as people upgrade their money story, they can then see their $10K list as extra money that they get to invest in what they want to.

04:15: Kimberly talks about how much space was created when she did two $10K lists and how easy it has been to manifest money.

04:44: Cassie talks about how she had Kimberly separate her personal $10K list from her business $10K list. Then, she had Kimberly figure out what the return on her investments would be once she manifested what was on her business $10K list. 

05:20: Kimberly discusses what an eye-opener it was to see her return on investment and was amazed at what her income would be from selling what she invested in.

06:15: Cassie talks about how she coached Kimberly on where she should put some money that came into her life. 

06:58: Kimberly discusses how she manifested her pool by following inspiration, saved $300, and then used that $300 to fill the pool with water.

08:33: Cassie asks Kimberly about the most significant difference between doing Manifest $10K on her own versus doing it with coaching, and Kimberly admits that she is getting bigger numbers.