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Jan. 27, 2021

Ep. #254: Using the Law of Attraction to Fix Yourself for Good

Ep. #254: Using the Law of Attraction to Fix Yourself for Good
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How long have you been trying to fix yourself?

Fixing yourself rarely works, as you might have experienced. 

There is something that works much better. 

That is stepping into your Future Self. 

Kimberly has learned and experienced how to "step in" rather than "fix." 

She came to The Enchanted Circle with a habit of trying to fix herself, which wasn't bad. She wanted what anyone reading this wants... to be better. 

Along the way, she started fixing things to be better. That often works in the beginning. And then there comes a point where you can't fix anything else. You have to start stepping into a new version of yourself to become the person you desire to be. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Kimberly Hite again joins her, and they discuss how she stopped fixing her life, started stepping into her Future Self, and the amazing results she has had from becoming instead of fixing. 

00:40: Cassie asks Kimberly what's awesome, and Kimberly talks about how her new money manifested total is $80,030.34. She has noticed that she is stepping into her Future Self and following inspired actions that her Future Self is leading her to.

01:42: Cassie asks Kimberly about the inspired actions she has had, and Kimberly discusses how she got on a launch party on Facebook, and she became a Mary Kay consultant. She also discusses how it all happened through inspired action and how amazing it has been.

02:40: Kimberly talks about how she signed up 2 weeks ago and cannot believe her results.

03:05: Kimberly talks about how it was all possible because she followed inspiration. 

03:13: Cassie points out that everything has been fun and easy and that Kimberly is also making money simultaneously.

03:19: Kimberly talks about getting a $50 bonus, $206 of free product, and earrings in the mail from her director as encouragement. 

03:35: Kimberly talks about how she was scripting about working with amazing and powerful women, and she is living that life by working as a Mary Kay consultant.

04:10: Cassie talks about how it is amazing that it was something that Kimberly never thought of before, but her Future Self led her there, and she said yes!

04:30: Cassie talks about how saying yes has given Kimberly the experience of making money while watching her son play football.

04:44: Kimberly talks about how she launched her Mary Kay business at her son's first varsity football game and how amazing it was to enjoy life and make money at the same time.

05:10: Kimberly talks about how she couldn't have imagined any of that happening or how it could have been any more perfect if she planned for it to be. 

05:45: Cassie discusses how everything is happening because of who Kimberly is and how people limit the possibilities because of their beliefs.

06:28: Kimberly talks about how she did a video bringing all of what