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Feb. 3, 2021

Ep. #255: How Being Vulnerable Helps You Manifest

Ep. #255: How Being Vulnerable Helps You Manifest

She thought vulnerability was a weakness…

Then it saved her marriage.

Kimberly was a strong, independent woman who had her stuff together. 

Vulnerability didn't seem necessary, nor did she get it. It seemed weak, and that wasn't her. 

The longer she was in The Enchanted Circle, the more she opened up without even really realizing it.   

One day this "vulnerability thing" caught her attention, so she paid attention. She took it in, and when the moment came to save her marriage, she laid everything on the counter. 

She was vulnerable. She told her husband how she felt and what she needed with-out filter, concern for looking weak, or what would happen next.  

Join your host Cassie Parks as Kimberly Hite again joins her (for her fifth interview in this 7 part series) to discuss her recent journey of discovering vulnerability, using it to save her marriage, and taking her manifesting to the next level!

00:42: Cassie asks Kimberly what is awesome.  Kimberly discusses how what she is scripting is showing up in her life, how she has recently gotten a couple of texts that are right out of her script, and how it is even better than what she is scripting.

01:28: Cassie talks about recording this interview in September 2020 and how Kimberly hearing another Enchanted Circle member talk about vulnerability brought new awareness into Kimberly's life.  

01:53: Cassie asks Kimberly how she would have described being vulnerable in the past.

02:00: Kimberly talks about how she used to view being vulnerable as a weakness and wasn't even open to it.  She admits that she would attempt to be vulnerable, but she always felt like she is a strong independent woman who doesn't need help to get what she wants, and the thought of opening up and being vulnerable scared her. She didn't see it on her radar and had no interest in going there. Kimberly admits that it was something that she didn't even realize that she was avoiding. 

03:11: Kimberly talks about Mia getting on an Enchanted Circle call and being super vulnerable.  Kimberly admits that she didn't know Mia well because she was usually quiet on calls and that that call was one of the first times Kimberly had heard Mia really talk.  Kimberly admits that she was shocked that Mia put it all out there and was vulnerable because Kimberly always saw her as such a strong woman. 

03:41: Kimberly talks about how Mia inspired her and how everything is always in alignment. 

04:02: Kimberly talks about listening to Mia's interviews where she talked about being vulnerable, how it was scary, and how she asked for help that she wasn't used to asking for.  04:50:Kimberly goes on to talk about how listening to those interviews made her realize she wasn't being vulnerable and didn't know how to be.

05:10: Kimberly talks about how hearing those interviews came at the right time and how she didn't want to be vulnerable but hearing those interviews inspired her and made her realize that being vulnerable was the next step in her journey.

06:00: Kimberly talks about how her marriage was in trouble and that she was d