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Feb. 10, 2021

Ep. #256: Manifesting and Network Marketing

Ep. #256: Manifesting and Network Marketing
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Kimberly's Future Self led her to 3 network marketing companies. The third one happened so inspired it left her thinking, "What did I just do?" 

These were all inspired, and they taught, and are still teaching, her how to sift through inspiration, and how to really stay true to the Law of Attraction foundation she has built while doing what was inspired.

Network marketing companies often have a "system" you are supposed to follow to be successful. And that system is usually based more on pushing than leveraging the Law of Attraction. 

After being inspired to join the third network marketing company, Kimberly had to navigate how to stay out of the push and in inspired action. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Kimberly Hite again joins her to discuss all things network marketing, the Law of Attraction, inspired action, and how all of these things played out in Kimberly's life.

Kimberly Hite is a magical artist who finds happiness in creating. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. When she's not following inspiration to create magic in her studio, you can find her laughing with her boys, scripting her Future Life, and cheerleading others to live lives they love. If you would like to connect with Kimberly, the best place to find her is her personal Facebook page, Kimberly Hite.

00:40: Cassie introduces the topic of MLM's (Multi-Level Marketing) and the Law of Attraction.

01:13: Cassie asks Kimberly what is awesome, and Kimberly talks about how it is awesome that she is ready for Christmas. 

01:48: Cassie talks about how Kimberly has been on her journey a year.

02:30: Kimberly talks about how this has been the best investment ever to work with Cassie.

02:50: Cassie wants to talk about how Kimberly used to be a money chaser and why she joined the Enchanted Circle.

03:20: Kimberly talks about how she joined an MLM when her son was a baby and how she joined many over the last 20 years.

03: 48: Kimberly talks about the most recent MLM's she has joined.

04:05: Kimberly talks about how she thought she joined Color Street (MLM) for the discount and how she thought that it is something women use, so it should be easy to sell. Then the pandemic hit, and she just felt like she was annoying her friends and family and how it didn't feel good.

04:28: Kimberly talks about how she still uses the product but isn't inspired to do anything else with it.

04:35: Cassie talks about the difference between following inspired action to join and when joining is actually a how.

05:26: Cassie talks about how Kimberly never felt she had to go out and sell, but she was selling.

05:35: Cassie asks Kimberly to talk about how selling Color Street by the pool was different from selling in the past.

05:42: Kimbe