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Feb. 17, 2021

Ep. #257: Manifesting When You Feel Like a Rebel

Ep. #257: Manifesting When You Feel Like a Rebel
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Have you always felt like an outsider? Maybe a rebel?

If you answered yes, you are in good company. 

It's great to want more, believe more, and see more possibilities in the world than anyone else, but when your story becomes, "I'm a rebel," you start creating that experience everywhere you go. There isn't room for a different experience because you, consciously or unconsciously, need to create your story over and over again. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as she and Kimberly Hite dive deep into unraveling Kimberly's "I'm a rebel" story.

In this episode, you will hear that story disintegrate and shift into a deeper sense of belonging. 

Being a rebel is great unless it keeps you from what you desire, and the good news is that no matter the story you are living right now, if you want something different, you can have it.

Kimberly Hite is a magical artist who finds happiness in creating. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. When she's not following inspiration to create magic in her studio, you can find her laughing with her boys, scripting her Future Life, and cheerleading others to live life’s they love. If you would like to connect with Kimberly, the best place to find her is her personal Facebook page, Kimberly Hite.

00:33: Cassie talks about the last episode she did with Kimberly about Network Marketing. 

01:03: Cassie talks about how Kimberly has been in the Enchanted Circle a year because that is when she said yes, and discusses the magic of saying yes and going all in.

01:33: Cassie talks about how about a year ago, she sent out an offer for a 10-day pass to the Enchanted Circle.

01:48: Cassie asks Kimberly why she said yes.

01:51: Kimberly discusses how she followed Cassie for 3 years, had read and reread Cassie's books, how she was inspired to invest in herself, and how it is one of the best investments she has ever made.

02:28: Cassie talks about how she got an email from Kimberly asking if she should get started right away. 

02:42: Cassie discusses how she asked Kimberly if there was space to start right away or if she would instead enjoy the holidays and start when it felt right.

02:52: Cassie shares that Kimberly decided to wait for the right time and asks her if she feels like that impacted what happened next. 

03:00: Kimberly admits that it did because she gave herself permission to enjoy the holidays and how she gave herself the space to become the person who thrived in the Enchanted Circle.

03:23: Kimberly talks about how she was investing in 10 days but knew that she was invested in going long term.

03:38: Kimberly admits that she needed the baby step of 10 days to own going all in.

03:54: Cassie talks about how when she asks herself who her clients are, she knows that a lot