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March 3, 2021

Ep. #259: How to Use Inspired Action to Build Your Business

Ep. #259: How to Use Inspired Action to Build Your Business
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If you’re in business, you’re usually taught to develop an idea, do some research on how to market it, and then write some copy to sell it. 

Oh, and hope people sign up or buy.

For coaches, especially those that are Law of Attraction minded, it can feel challenging to integrate the Law of Attraction piece with the traditional business advice. 

Jeanne tried to follow traditional business advice for years, and none of the advice she followed led her to the clients she desired.

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne Andrus, the Menopause Guru, again joins her, and they dive deep into how Jeanne found and connected with the clients she has always wanted using the Law of Attraction.

Cassie and Jeanne discuss how Jeanne has allowed her Future Self to lead her to her clients, build the business she truly wants, and go into detail about what that process looked like.  

They dive deep into how they started using a symptom by symptom basis to bring clients into Jeanne’s business and how that led to Jeanne creating something that is useful to just about anyone on their Menopause Journey.

If you are tired of following the same old business advice and not seeing the results you desire, then this episode is for you!!!!

00:41: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome.

00:45: Jeanne discusses her awesome weekend and that she manifested 10K.

01:36: Jeanne talks about her run and how excited she is to be back running.

01:57: Cassie talks about how she knows runners who thought Cassie was posting about running when she would post about Manifest $10K.

02:10: Jeanne talks about how fun it was to follow inspired action to run an unplanned 10K.

02:36: Cassie asks Jeanne if she wanted to tell the wallet story.

02:45: Jeanne tells a story about how 2 years ago her husband couldn't find his wallet and was worried about it, and how 2 years later, one of his clients found the wallet when moving his couch and that everything was still in the wallet when he got it back.

04:06: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is working on in her business right now.

04:25: Jeanne discusses that she is working on a 5 day cleanse to help women going through menopause start to take care of themselves the right way. 

05:18: Jeanne talks about how excited she is that it is something that anyone can start at any time and that it will be available for women when they are ready for it.

05:40: Cassie talks about how this interview will be amazing for business owners who want to use the Law of Attraction and how to apply using inspired action to build their business.

06:10: Cassie talks about how it is sometimes hard to learn to take things one step at a time and how this is a great illustration of how things came together.

06:30: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how working with Cassie has helped her connect with her future clients through D