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March 17, 2021

Ep. #261: Hiding Who You Are Hinders Your Manifesting

Ep. #261: Hiding Who You Are Hinders Your Manifesting
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There are many ways to wear masks and hide who you are or who you REALLY want to be. 

Jeanne realized she was hiding. She was choosing her words to post on Facebook and trying to be secretive about menopause. She didn't want anyone to think she was "too much" or get offended by the unflattering symptoms that might come on a woman's journey to her next stage of life. 

While hiding kept others from getting uncomfortable, it also kept her hidden from those who needed her the most. 

It kept those who needed her hiding in fear that they were weird, falling apart, going crazy, and mostly not understanding that what they were experiencing was pretty normal. 

Last week we talked about aligned energy and how that is more important than the perfect words. In this week's episode, join your host Cassie Parks and Jeanne, for the next step in her journey, which is owning who she is! In this episode, they dive deep into why you can't get what you really want unless you own it.

In this interview, you will hear Jeanne talk about how she has opened up, how she has stepped into who she wants to be, and how she is owning that she wants to change the world. 

If you're hiding your LOAness, your knowledge, or any part of you, you are hiding a piece of the puzzle from the Universe. Tune into this week's episode to see just what is possible when you choose to be yourself. 

00:38: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome. 

00:43: Jeanne talks about getting to go to a jazz festival and how much fun she had.

01:03: Cassie asks Jeanne what her superpower is.

01:08: Jeanne talks about how her superpower is to help women recognize the symptoms they may have from menopause, and she helps make them go away.

01:25: Cassie asks Jeanne how people can determine if their symptoms are menopause-related.

01:49: Jeanne discusses how many doctors aren't even aware of all of the things that can be menopause-related and recommends that you check out her website www.menopause.guru/symptom to get an idea of what symptoms can be menopause related.

02:30: Jeanne talks about how if you are over 40 or even in your late 30's, and weird things are happening, it could be hormone-related, and that a lot of the symptoms that are commonly associated with menopause are the ones that show up in the later stages of the menopause journey.

03:17: Jeanne talks about how once you know possible symptoms, you can then explore if it could be caused by a hormonal change due to menopause and how that knowledge can make some of the scarier symptoms less scary because you know what you are dealing with.

03:48: Cassie asks Jeanne what the biggest change that she has had in the last 30 days as far as who she is and who she is being in her business.

04:07: Jeanne talks about how she is more relaxed and is truly owning who she is and what she does.

04:20: Jeanne talks about how she wasn't owning who she is and what her superpower is. She talks about how she has decided to own that she is the Menopause Guru, that she helps