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March 31, 2021

Ep. #263: Law of Attraction Coaching Session

Ep. #263: Law of Attraction Coaching Session
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Have you ever wondered what it is like to work with Cassie Parks? Join your host Cassie Parks as she is again joined by Jeanne Andrus for a live coaching session!!!   

00:30: Cassie asks Jeanne to tell her something awesome even though she is in a rough patch.

00:40: Jeanne talks about celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary, the perfect present her husband gave her, and her husband forgetting what day their anniversary was on.

01:51: Cassie asks Jeanne what is going on.

01:55: Jeanne talks about how she doesn't have a large client base, feels like she is losing traction, isn't getting where she wants to go and is wasting time with her writing.

03:05: Cassie talks about how it is interesting that a week ago, Jeanne had a list of topics to write about and all of these other things Jeanne was looking forward to doing and asks what has changed in the last week.

03:39: Jeanne talks about how she spoke with a couple of people, thought that one of them would be a perfect fit to work with her, that she chose not to work with Jeanne, and that she keeps hearing no and is feeling stuck.

05:06: Cassie asks if she feels stuck because someone said no.

05:10: Jeanne says yes, probably. 

05:14: Cassie talks about how this is typical when we hear no and asks if someone saying no means Jeanne hasn't been moving forward.

05:32: Jeanne admits that it doesn't but that it feels that way.

05:38: Cassie agrees that it can feel that way. 

05:45: Jeanne talks about how that is how she feels and that she got on the group call and was feeling stuck.

06:16: Cassie asks Jeanne to evaluate what is going on and asks if it is true that she isn't moving anywhere.

06:24: Jeanne admits that it's not true. 

06:26: Cassie asks Jeanne why it's not true.

06:27: Jeanne admits that she got a lot done last week but also came up against some roadblocks.

07:08: Jeanne talks about looking for signs and meaning in everything and how that can be discouraging.

08:06: Cassie stops Jeanne and comes back to the question of is it true that Jeanne isn't moving forward.

08:25: Jeanne talks about all of the things she did in the past few weeks.

09:05: Cassie asks Jeanne if she is not moving forward. 

09:09: Jeanne admits that she is moving forward.

09:15: Jeanne admits that her brain has been stuck on one thing.

09:22: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is moving forward and how it can feel like you aren't when someone chooses not to work with you. 

09:38: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is still doing what she needs to do and is moving forward.

09:48: Cassie talks about how as business owners, it can feel like you aren't moving forward when clients aren't coming in, but that you are still moving forward as long as you are putting in the effort.

10:14: Cassie asks Jeanne if she is