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April 7, 2021

Ep. #264: Growth Temper Tantrums Can Happen When Manifesting

Ep. #264: Growth Temper Tantrums Can Happen When Manifesting
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Have you ever had a growth temper tantrum? 

My definition of a growth temper tantrum is when you just grew or about to take a big step in your growth journey, so you throw a temper tantrum, much like a toddler. 

Maybe you don't throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream, but you do the adult version. 

You dig your heels in, maybe cross your arms, and basically say, "I'm not doing that!" "That" refers to the next step, whatever that is. 

Sometimes the tantrum comes when you're working with a coach, and you suggest something they know is a distraction, so they advise against it. You don't like that answer, so you throw a growth tantrum. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne Andrus again joins her, and they discuss Jeanne's growth temper tantrum and how it was brought on by fear.

They dive deep into how, this time, Jeanne could throw her tantrum and then keep moving and how she didn't need help or support to get through it.

00:41: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up.

00:44: Jeanne talks about her Future Self showing up to go on a trip to Florida to meet a sister she hasn't met in person and loves living the life that allows her to travel and do what she wants when she wants.

01:26: Cassie talks about how that answer covers what is awesome as well.

01:33: Cassie talks about how the last interview was a live coaching session. 

02:00: Cassie asks Jeanne what has happened in the month since that last interview/coaching session.

02:12: Jeanne talks about how she felt unsure going into that coaching session and that by the end of it, she was clear that she is on the right path and that she is here to help women go through their Menopause Journey.

03:33: Jeanne talks about how important working with Cassie is because she helps her both with the business and her belief in herself.

04:00: Jeanne talks about September being Menopause awareness month and how it is so important to get the word out there and help people find the information they need.

04:55: Jeanne talks about how she did some things locally to get her name out, how she has a whole month planed to get her information out, and how she wants to reach people.

05:34: Cassie highlights that Jeanne will have to continue to find that clarity and how you have to choose to move forward and continue to step into your Future Self.

06:10: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie talked about how she grows and then she gets scared without realizing it, and how she did one of Cassie's workshops and then scared herself.

07:03: Cassie gives the timeline of Jeanne's interview and how Cassie was ready to do an interview, and that it was awesome that Jeanne came to do the work.

07:52: Jeanne talks about how she knew everything was working and needed to trust and do the work instead of avoiding fear.

08:18: Jeanne talks about having an idea and bringing it to a call, and Cassie telling her just to do what they had been talking about doing and stop avoiding the fear.

08:48: Jeanne talks a