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Aug. 24, 2016

Ep #33: Goals vs. Intention and the Bubble Concept

Ep #33: Goals vs. Intention and the Bubble Concept

In this podcast Cassie will clarify the difference between a goal and an intention and how the bubble concept can help you grow into your future self easily and double your business without doubling your hours.


Timing of the Show

0:05 Show introduction

0:38 Cassie Parks introduction

1:11 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Goals vs. Intention and the Bubble Concept and How You Have To Grow

1:40 Cassie shares about her lifestyle and some recent trips and how this created a “dream come true” moment for her.  

3:23 What is the lifestyle that you want along with the money? Get clear on this.

3:52 Upcoming Cassie’s new book “Double Your Business” available on Amazon 9/1/16 for FREE

4:18 Four part video course available at http://doubleyourbusinesswithcassie.com

4:40 Goals vs.Intention

4:46 Definition of a goal

6:46 Definition of an intention

8:00 Learn to be set up for easy success

8:53 How do goals and intentions generally play out in life?

11:08 Intentions

11:23 How does this impact what is going on?

11:27 Carrie, the Real Estate Agent, had to learn a lot in the beginning and $50K was an inevitable income goal for her. She put her energy about learning her industry but now she doesn’t have a lot of area to grow now.

14:09 The Bubble Concept

15:37 Carrie has grown to the size of her bubble.

16:08 Setting an income just outside the bubble doesn’t allow her room to grow.

16:44 Create a bigger bubble so you have to grow

17:14 How big would your goldfish bowl or bubble be or aquarium be?

18:38 What happens to goldfish? They don’t grow.

19:16 Look for a time in your life when you had a lot to learn so your business grew at a rapid rate? Look for a plateau.

22:36 Client Story: Mia doubled her income in the month after we worked together and cut her hours in half. Learn how on upcoming calls.

23:05 I am expanding my bubble.

23:30 Closing of the call

23:55 End