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Sept. 7, 2016

Ep #35: Analyze Future Budget and Meet Your Future Self

Ep #35: Analyze Future Budget and Meet Your Future Self
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00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:53 The Next Two Steps In Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours 1)Analyze Future Budget and 2)Meet Your Future Self

1:07 Dream about not working in the middle of the day but time to enjoy my morning, time/space to enjoy the beginning part of my day and how it would feel like vacation and felt free.

2:15 Get clear on what you want.

3:55 Grab “Double Your Business” book on Amazon

4:12 Sign up at http://doubleyourbusinesswithcassie.com and register for the 4-part video cou

4:35 Analyzing your future budget and how it is allocated

5:26 Let your budget paint the picture

6:55 Budget gives you a clue who you are in your future life

8:12 What did you expect when you looked at your budget? Any surprises?

8:33 Pick out the top 3 highlights from that full picture with that income intention where you are loving life

9:32 Anchor that lifestyle and get to know that

10:19 Know your future self

10:39 Tool for getting to know your future self and the small details of her life

11:11 Scripting - writing about you in an experience or past that experience

11:30 This is a tool that I used when I developed the http://Manifest10K.com course

13:47 Tool that lets you know and get into the experience of your future self.

14:02 Traditionally you guess what your future life will look like

14:37 Step into those experiences and the easier they came

15:00 You are inside your future life and understanding who you are in those future moments

15:35 Get inside her head and see what is happening

15: 47 Past tense first person at the end of the day in middle of your future life.

16:40 Scripting Formula = detail, sense (creating new memories), emotion (feel) you want, and gratitude

22:28 Script every day for 2 hours or 2000 hours for every part of your day

23:00 Next step in your day and go all the way through every step of your day.

23:35 Mirror that life (we’ll talk about that is in the next episode)

24:08 Do this process for each of the three highlighted days of your life

24:44 Tap into that life you will have with that future budget.

24:51 Client shared how scripting about her business and she