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Sept. 14, 2016

Ep #36: Mirroring Your Future & Stepping Into Your Future Self

Ep #36: Mirroring Your Future & Stepping Into Your Future Self
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00:05 Show Introduction

00:41 Cassie's Introduction

00:55 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Next 2 Steps 1) Mirror Your Future Self 2) Step Into Your Future Self

1:11 Do all steps in order and if you need to go back and do the past steps

1:29 FREE Double Your Business with Cassie Video Series

2:00 Relish in the experience of success because of having gone through the process

4:32 Double Your Business Book on Amazon is available and thank you for downloads and reviews

5:40 Mirroring your future self

6:06 Invest in something your future self would have

7:36 Your future self lives in your home and what you focus on expands

9:32 Vision board collage

11:29 Analyze the snapshot of current and future lives

12:19 Appreciate the things that are in both lives

12:47 Determine what isn't in your life yet

13:25 List how you can get more of those things that aren't there yet

14:02 Quicker and easier way

14:14 How to get your current life to look like your future life

15:22 Step into your future life by engaging with experience and feelings

16:28 Feel into your future life

18:37 Things will show up that fit into your future life

19:19 Tap into your future life now

20:40 Carrie, The Realtor example

21:53 Come from your future self

23:03 Client success

23:36 The path will appear

24:05 Manifest 10K group and book

25:00 Start receiving your life by following the steps

26:30 Mantra 

26:50 Cassie wraps up

27:16 Show end