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April 5, 2023

Ep: 367: Manifesting Better Days By Calling Yourself Out

Ep: 367: Manifesting Better Days By Calling Yourself Out
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Paulie is back to share another moment in her manifesting journey with Law of Attraction Coach Cassie Parks. Paulie shares how she is manifesting money and her dream life.

***Show notes based on answers prior to recording. 

Paulie and Cassie discuss how Paulie has recently manifested over $100,000.

Then Paulie shares that allowing what I want to come to me and realizing what works out when it’s inspired are two of the biggest ways she has deepened her understanding of how the law of attraction works. 

Paulie then shares her biggest evidence since her last update which is, “Getting handed a $20 bill from a stranger. When inspired action feels like a thunderbolt and staying in it is a no-brainer. I love that feeling.”

The two then talk about how inspiration is showing up for Paulie.

Paulie shares how she uses the question, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I got what I wanted and did nothing?” for manifesting more of what she wants and reminding herself to stay out of the how. 

Paulie’s Future Self has shown up to support her manifesting through:

  • Deepening her storytelling
  • Choosing her thoughts
  • Prioritizing being present vs outcomes
  • She shares that her best manifestation over the previous few months is “An amazing role that is so aligned with who I want to be as an amazing storyteller.”
  • Paulie is becoming a better manifestor by, “Choosing to call myself on “shitty stories” and choosing the story I want to be true.”
  • She also shares how even though she’s come a long way she is still growing through being present and staying out of the how.
  • The two share a shift that happened for Paulie in not settling for something close to what she wants, but being committed to getting what she wants and trusting the Universe to show it to her. 

The interview finishes with Paulie asking Cassie this question:

When do I ask for what I want and when do I trust I don’t need to ask?

Listen to hear the answer and all the other juicy details. 

To connect with Paulie follow her on Instagram @paulie_golightly

Anything discussed during the show: https://www.enchantedlifeu.com/more-manifesting-success