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April 19, 2023

Ep. 369: Being Present is Key to Making Law of Attraction Work

Ep. 369: Being Present is Key to Making Law of Attraction Work
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Paulie is back to share another chapter in her manifesting journey with Law of Attraction Coach Cassie Parks. She shares how she is manifesting money and more.

***Show notes based on answers before recording. 

The interview starts with Paulie sharing how she manifested over $40,000 on a recent month-long vacation. 

Paulie thing shares her deepened understanding of the law of attraction and how it impacts her:

My purpose: to shine! I am always taken care of. What if? It would be awesome, and I’m excited!

Paulie then talks about how being present is the key to everything. She shares a story about how animals are coming up to her, which is something she intended.

Next, Paulie shares inspirations that have popped up recently and inspired action that she has taken:

I am being present and finding joy. Doing nothing until I have to do something or something happens that I have to do, and it feels just right. Inspired action to go to Afghanistan, to send the song to the producer, to meet my singing teacher on a whim.

Paulie also shares how the YouTube videos created from her Afghanistan travels are doing the best of any travel videos she and her boyfriend have done. 

Paulie talks about being fluent in French and how that requires being fully present. 

Throughout the interview, the two discuss all the ways that “It’s happening” in Paulie’s life, which include:

My singing teachers and the producers saying I am ready, making almost $50k on vacation for over a month, animals coming to me, little baby staring and smiling at me, being the voice of Perdita, leaving people speechless or floored as an amazing storyteller.

Paulie shares some coaching that made a huge shift for her before going on her recent trip when she was nervous that if she was traveling, she’d miss an opportunity:

What if something happens? The answer is: it would be awesome, and I’m excited!

Then Paulie shares the title of this chapter of her Manifesting Success Story:

The Star That Unearthed Her Shine

To connect with Paulie follow her on Instagram @paulie_golightly

Anything  discussed during the show: https://www.enchantedlifeu.com/more-manifesting-success