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May 3, 2023

Ep. 371: Manifesting an Inspiring Journey to London

Ep. 371: Manifesting an Inspiring Journey to London
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Join host Cassie Parks in the "Manifesting Success Stories" podcast as she invites special guest Paulie to share her incredible journey of manifesting success in London. Discover how the power of inspiration guided her through seemingly impossible roadblocks and led her to achieve her dream of moving to the vibrant city.

From navigating visa requirements to proving her value, Paulie recounts the pivotal moments that transformed her life.

Tune in as she shares the importance of staying in alignment with the present, letting go of the need for constant follow-ups, and embracing unexpected opportunities.

Prepare to be inspired as Paulie reveals how an encounter with an African Ambassador changed everything and how her determination ultimately led to a delightful response from a London manager.

Get ready for a captivating episode filled with manifestation wisdom and uplifting success stories.

To connect with Paulie follow her on Instagram @paulie_golightly

Anything discussed during the show: https://www.enchantedlifeu.com/more-manifesting-success