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Oct. 5, 2016

Ep #39: What is Next?

Ep #39: What is Next?
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Timing of the Show

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

1:08 What To Do Next in Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours

1:21 It is all about clarity in the Double Your Business process.

8:44 The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon or email

9:39 Take advantage of  a free 4-part video course at http://doubleyourbusinesswithcassie.com

9:55 We covered all the steps and how to navigate any challenges

10:04 What is it going to look like?

10:16 I have the Manifest 10K Course and Manifest $10,000 book

10:36 Did the money show up the way you thought it would?

11:47 Jill’s experience - double her money in 10 days

12:11 You don’t know how it is going to show up but that is not your job

13:04 Let go and let the process work and give yourself space

14:37 I support entrepreneurs who want to Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours so if you are interested in that let’s go through the application process at http://liveyourchampagnelife.com and click on Work With Cassie

16:17 Share with me how you are doubling your business, and how you are stepping into yourself by emailing me at spiraluptoday@aol.com

16:49 Encouragement from a variety of stories from this series

17:24 Jill - sent two emails and doubled her business in 10 days

17:55 Jennifer - doubled her sales by showing up in a different way in her business in 30 days after we were done working together

18:59 Mia - set up a business in a new place by showing up as her future self

20:00 Entrepreneur freelancer had a business idea pop into her head through a calm, quiet whisper

21:30 Realtor freed up time and felt sure money was coming in and was able to trust and has changed how he looks and feels about money and he doubled his business the next month

22:58 Each client is different and this process will teach you to weather the peaks and valleys

23:35 Amanda - the perfect business found her

24:24 You get to decide what is going to happen by how you tap into your future self by