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Oct. 21, 2016

Ep #41: When and How To Invest In Your Business

Ep #41: When and How To Invest In Your Business
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Show Timing:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:53 Extra valuable information

1:38 “Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours” so enjoy the life you have built

1:47 Talking about this today: When and how to invest in your business

2.25 You often need a different skill set (investment)

4:14 Investing in a magazine to showcase the work my clients have done and their success.

4:50 Working hard - step and grow into the person you are becoming

5: 46 Inspirational to know what is possible

6:11 If you loved this season of the podcast grab your copy of The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

6:36 Free 4-part video course at http://doubleyourbusinesswithcassie.com

6:49 Investing in business strategy

8:56 How I make investments in my business

9:05 Investment in my future self

10:00 How to run a business

10:22 Invest in things that grow my personally in the capacity I want to serve

10:55 Class to learn the structure of my signature talk  

11:39 Big investments are thousands of dollars

12:47 Decision to invest: College or Master’s Degree

13:12 Investment in money, income, energy and time

15:36 How I look at investing that will change who I am in my business

16:04 I am becoming a half a million dollar earner

16:40 How teachers might look at making a decision about college education

18:39 Good return on your investment

19:19 Cost benefit analysis on investing

20:11 Will I make enough money to service the payment plan and then I ask how much more than that will I make?

20:47 Will it make 10% more?

21:50 Many entrepreneurs get hung up on the amount and think “I don’t have that money right now”

22:02 In the business of making money and growing, believe in yourself

22:40 Some entrepreneurs don’t finish things

23:50 Investing in real estate

24:55 System out there to learn stuff and have more knowledge

25:49 Your $10,000 price tag shut down blocks money from coming in, you are shutting down from allowing

26:20 Your business is an investment in you and look at the rate of return on it

26:50 Might be holding