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Dec. 7, 2016

Ep #43: Easily Manifesting $10,000

Ep #43: Easily Manifesting $10,000
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Show Notes:

00:05 Show introduction

00:39 Cassie Parks introduction

00:52 Excited about this new season which is all about manifesting $10,000 and having a welcoming relationship with money so you can build your dream life easier and quicker

1:15 If money not flowing in, you do not have a business

1:34 Money is a powerful tool that helps you

2:14 Manifest $10,000 book is coming out May 16, 2017 in bookstores

2:20 Talk about how to welcome money into your life and have a better relationship with money

2:51 The more open you are to receiving money the easier and quicker you can build your business

3:15 Following intuition and growing

4:09 Just over 3 years since I left my corporate job, being an entrepreneur has become my life

7:29 If your intention to have a business, be an entrepreneur and be in control of your schedule then my intention is for this podcast to help you do that

7:45 You want to make money in the process

7:58 If you love this season or the Happily Ever After Podcast in General please preorder my physical book Manifest $10,000 as my intention is 10,000 pre-ordered copies

8:34 As a show of appreciation and a pay it forward gesture, please preorder the book as preorders matter to book buyers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million) so they can determine how many books to put on their shelves.

10:20 You are introducing me to someone else that might benefit. Please email me at spiraluptoday.com with your comments or leave a review on itunes

11:11 You can preorder at http://manifest10kbook.com from your favorite retailer

11:54 Once you have made a purchase order take a screen shot of that and then at the bottom of http://manifest10Kbook.com there is a button that says “Click Here To Get A Free Copy”, fill it out and put your receipt in there and I’ll send you a copy now.

12:27 Enjoy the book now, help someone else find the book and get your copy from your retailer where you can pay it forward to someone else.

12:53 Register for Manifest10K Course (note: you can do the course without the book and the book without the course - you can have success both ways!)

13:25 This is the course that launched my coaching business officially

13:40 Welcome money into your life without struggle

14:05 Very honored to have been picked up by a New York publishing agency and know that people can go buy a physical copy of my book

14:39 We have to talk about money, we have talked about building a business, getting clear on future self and how to double