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Dec. 14, 2016

Ep #44: Use LOA to Manifest $10K

Ep #44: Use LOA to Manifest $10K
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Show Timing

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:50 Manifest $10,000 - How to use the law of attraction to manifest more money into your life

00:59 Welcome the ease and flow of money into your life so that you can build your business quicker and easier

1:10 It is not a business if no money flowing in

1:18 When money is coming in you can reinvest some in your business and give yourself a paycheck

1:26 Manifest $10,000 book (also referred to as Manifest $10K) is coming out May 16, 2017 in bookstores

1:44 Live a life where you don’t have to have to ask permission to do cool things

2:58 Keep welcoming money into your life

3:25 Passionate about sharing what I have learned from the book, my business and the Manifest10K.com course

3:48 You have to have money flowing into enjoy the freedom it allows

5:00 Freedom without money doesn’t feel as free

5:16 If you love this season or the Happily Ever After Podcast in general and you want to show your appreciation, I would be grateful if you would go to Manifest10Kbook.com and preorder the hard copy of my new book Manifest $10,000 that comes out May 16, 2017 and when you do and screenshot the receipt, fill out the info and I’ll send you a copy now and you can then gift the book that gets sent to you from the retailer

7:18 Paying it forward because the more pre-orders there are the more book buyers will stock it on their shelf space which helps you introduce me to someone else

8:40 Register for Manifest10K.com and register as it is pay after you manifest

9:38 Where you might be as far as manifesting more money into your life using the law of attraction

10:12 Utilizing the law of attraction (manifesting is opening to receive whatever I want)

10:49 When you line up with who you are and what you desire in life and the path starts to appear (become the person who already has that)

11:40 Entrepreneurs want to manifest $10,000

12:20 Set your intention

12:47 Go into plan mode (# clients, at this price, etc.)

13:38 When you open up the amount of money, it is not our job to devise the plan

14:23 Energy (action taking) instead of getting in alignment with being the person they want to be - anytime making a plan you are not using the law of attraction

15:13 Not leveraging the power of the law of attraction

16:10 Does it matter how it comes to be?