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Dec. 21, 2016

Ep #45 - Limiting Beliefs and What To Do About Them

Ep #45 - Limiting Beliefs and What To Do About Them
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Show Notes:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:41 Getting started in the Manifest $10,000 season to create a money mindset that allows more money into your life

00:51 If not willing or able to allow more money into your life you not going to be able to grow your business the way you want

1:06 The place people get stuck

1:22 Let’s talk about limiting beliefs and what to do about them

1:53 Manifest $10,000 books are in hand. Something about holding it that has a different resonance and power, maybe it is because it is going to be in bookstores and it is a accumulation of everything I have been teaching

4:04 If you love this season of the podcast, and you want to get your hands on this physical copy, go to http://manifest10Kbook.com and preorder it from  your favorite retailer. When you invest in that book now and place your contact info and receipt on the site and my team and I will send you a copy now. It is like a BOGO free pre-order deal.

5:14 What you are doing is helping someone else find this book. Our intention is 10,000 book preorders.

6:39 Will the Manifest10K.com course help me with my limiting beliefs?

6:58 Having a money mindset the supports abundance, growth, opportunity and possibilities is important if you want to grow your business and have a business that is your happy ever after.

7:12 If you can’t allow money into your life or you have a cap on how much you will allow it will create frustration, extra work & spinning your wheels because money is the exchange for what we do.

7:27 Money is a powerful tool that can help you change the world.

7:39 When your clients make an investment in you, or in your products, you have to be able to receive that money.

8:12 If you are stressed in the back of your mind about your bills, etc. you can not be fully present with them.

8:28 Money is sacred.

8:46 Getting rid of money beliefs is about stepping into the person who has money

9:09 Perhaps something isn’t right in your life and you found the law of attraction or positive thinking to change the situation and you found limiting beliefs in the process.

10:03 Foot detox story - shift limiting beliefs

13:11 Don’t have to dig out all your limiting beliefs to shift to what you want.

13:58 Keep looking for that good feeling but wasn’t growing.

14:30 Rehashing the same limiting belief over and over again?

15:00 Few limiting beliefs  you can shift and then you have to step into becoming the person who allows $10,000 to show up in your life.

16:00 Don’t go looking for limiting beliefs.