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Dec. 29, 2016

Ep #46: Manifest $10K's Evolution

Ep #46: Manifest $10K's Evolution
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Show Notes:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:50 Loving sharing about manifesting money and money mindset during this Manifest $10,000 season of the podcast so you can attract more money and build your business more easily

1:11 Evolution of Manifest 10K

3:15 Let me know if you like the backstage pass of Manifest 10K from today’s podcast

3:27 Chance to be creative on Wednesday and have fun while doing it because I had time in my schedule

6:11 If you love this season of the podcast or any of my books, I would appreciate it if you go to http://manifest10Kbook.com and preorder the paperback from  your favorite retailer. When you invest in that book now and place your contact info and receipt on the site and my team and I will send you a copy now too and get your first book in May.

7:53 3 year evolution of this course

8:36 Finding a niche

9:00 Resonance repatterning tools where I helped people shift thoughts and beliefs

11:03 Left corporate job November 2013 and took a break

11:45 Money felt like it was flying out the window

12:27 Notebook where I had outline a money manifesting course for a friend in network marketing where she could introduce them to the course so they could manifest the startup money

14:22 Outlined the course and it just came to me and it is what I do on a daily basis

14:50 A whisper prompted me to check my bank account and all the money I had invested in bills and expenses that year. I found my real estate income was the same as spending so I was financially free

15:40 Do this course as a I write it because I needed a reset and other people needed it too

16:15 Teach what you have mastered, go where your experience is

17:03 I started doing every exercise step by step

17:20 Get clear on the vision, align with the outcome and set the intention of success

17:58 Previously I had created products and courses and 1-2 people would sign up

18:30 Scripting the experience of having a successful course and launch where others were successful

19:14 Focused on the experience I wanted to have

19:45 What should I charge for this course?

20:10 Heard the whisper of pay after you manifest, go with what feels good

21:20 Following your feel good

21:55 Believed it would be successful

22:09 Vision of 170 people in the course

23:00 Launched with over 200 people

23:25 Get clear on what you want to experience, not the outcome

23:48 7 or 8 months into it, I was working on what a $500K business owner look lik