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Jan. 4, 2017

Ep #47: Caryn Gillen Manifested $14,300 in 60 Days

Ep #47: Caryn Gillen Manifested $14,300 in 60 Days
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Show Notes

00:05 Show introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks Introduces Caryn Gillen and How she manifested more than $10,000 after reading Manifest $10,000

00:57 Karyn is a weight loss coach for 8 years and mom that lives in Eugene, Oregon and have 6 chickens
1:50 How did you find the book, Manifest $10,000? Angela Lauria shared it with her

2:48 Remember taking the time separating myself from the business of life and very intentional

3:40 Decided going to follow all the steps in the book - “all in”

4:34 Important to honor how you see your life feeling and how you are going to feel, connect what the person  you want to be is doing, what are primary emotions, what is she wearing, etc.

5:30 Website is http://caryngillen.com

6:13 Liked allocating the money on specific things

6:42 Be specific and made me think about what it would be like to experience that stuff

6:58 $14,300 was her number

7:10 Post it note in wallet that had everything - a document where I honored every coin that showed up

8:04 Experience keeping track on that note helped her to operate in a way that “allowed” things to come her way

9:26 Mindshift for sure

9:31 “Of course that happened”, it snowballs into who you are

9:50 Took 90 days to meet her intention - took 60 days to meet her intention

10:39 This was fun, I have to do that again

10:57 Be careful with your intentions, keep setting them and moving towards what it is you want

11:37 Realization that I am super powerful

11:58 Biggest ah-hah: do the work no matter what daily, take your intentions with you

12:36 Process of making change is making it part of your habits and be a part of all of your life

12:47 Show up every day and take action and  honoring everything that happens in the moment and be appreciative in the moment

13:02 Most important thing I learned was that how I already lived my life in a law of attraction way

14:36 Process can be used for money, weight loss, and everything in life

14:55 Advice to those who want to manifest more money in their life would be to ask them why

15:19 Move towards the life you want

15:26 Choosing grace over grasp

16:03 Manifesting next: Go for a bigger number $50K

16:23 Go back to the beginning of the book and did every exercise with that number in mind.

17:40 Caryn’s book is I Wanted It: How To Lose Weight While You Travel For