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Jan. 18, 2017

Ep #49: Using LOA To Win The Lottery

Ep #49: Using LOA To Win The Lottery
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Show Notes

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:48 Manifesting Money: Money is an energy and a tool that you can step into bigger and better things and how you show up

1:40 Money is a powerful tool for positive change in the world

2:00 Pay others and resources help us to change the world in all kinds of ways

2:40 Learn to be abundant for yourself and for all those around you

3:56 Reading something from Jeannette Maw the other day on The Good Vibe Blog about being abundance and having wealth takes practice in our thoughts and words

4:13 Passionate about helping others create your happy ever after by welcoming money into your business and life without struggle so you can build quicker and easier

4:51 Winning the lottery

5:14 Or is the lotto getting in  your way of creating the life you want?

5:25 Lead with what is awesome in your life

6:19 Novella coming out tomorrow: Choose Me on Amazon in the fiction section and share it with someone else

7:44 Download it for free tomorrow and thank you to all of you who helped me choose the cover from Facebook. If we are not friends on Facebook, find me there and friend me.

9:05 If you love this season of the podcast, please preorder Manifest $10,000 Book which comes out May 16th (and take a picture of it when it comes out in  your local bookstores) and you’ll get it mid April to end of May but if you fill out the form, I’ll send you complimentary copy right now. You are helping get this in more stores which helps someone else gets my book too. My intent is 10,000 presales before May 16th.

11:18 Thank you for pre-orders!

11:50 “I think this is going to happen this way” mindset can block money from coming into your life

12:55 It is not my intention to win the lottery but I would love it if someone read Manifest $10,000 or took Manifest $10K and won. My intention is to be paid 10% of at lottery winning because that sounds more fun.

13:22 Stay in what feels fun

13:44 Start with lower amounts, because you might be thinking this is the “only way”

14:11 The lottery is a big number, I suggest you start with $10K to learn the skill sets and tools to increase that number

15:00 Harder for your mind to grasp what $1M is

15:50 Nothing sticks or you can