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Jan. 25, 2017

Ep #50: The 3 Ways Money Manifests

Ep #50: The 3 Ways Money Manifests
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Show Notes

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:42 Money manifesting and welcoming more into your life so you can be more successful in business

1:00 If you have hangups about allowing money into your life it will create problems in your business

1:30 How money manifests into your life

1:53 Love to share money manifesting stories

2:20 Money is constantly flowing in

3:05 My new fiction novela, Choose Me, hit #1 last week on Amazon, let me know what you think and share it with those that you think could benefit from reading it and thank you to everyone who support it last week

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5:32 Thank you for a large order of over 150+ books for a network marketing team who is going to give one as a welcome gift to anyone who joins her team because they will have more success if they read the book and implement what they learn

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6:29 If you have a team, and you know reading the book would benefit them, reach out to me at spiraluptoday@aol.com and we’ll make a deal

7:31 How Money Manifests: 3 categories 1)Always Possible But Unlikely 2) Totally Magical 3) Winning

8:16 Money can manifest in a combination of ways

8:30 Sometimes people are not paying attention

8:43 Always possible but unlikely: Employee example

9:00 How does an employee manifest more money?

9:22 Thinking/worrying about the how.

10:17 Doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur or an employee, money can find it’s way into your life if you welcome it

11:05 How can it just happen to an employee? Christine got a promotion and a $20K raise out of the blue

12:00 Go for more than $10,000 very likely you’ll get more

12:43 I want a 20% raise! Got 5% but 6 months later, I was offered a promotion and a raise over $10K

13:54 Stay focused on what is taught in the Manifest 10K course and Man