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Feb. 1, 2017

Ep #51: Investing In Yourself Has Big Benefits

Ep #51: Investing In Yourself Has Big Benefits
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:41 Manifest $10,000 Series where I am teaching you to welcome more money into your life and giving you the tips that help you with your business

1:00  Inside track of what I am doing and see behind the scenes to allow major breakthroughs

1:40 Manifest 10K LIVE was last weekend, each had a shift and are showing up differently in the world

2:14 Financial stress

2:38 Look at testimonials in the Manifest 10K Facebook Group if you are in that group

3:10 Allow more money without struggle and build your business quicker and easier

3:44 Successful businesses welcome money in

4:12 See the evidence in investing in yourself with the intention to step into the bigger version of yourself, magic happens

4:52 Big investments maker a bigger impact

5:25 Make a better, clear decision to invest

8:10 What is in best service to your clients? You get to start your pricing wherever you want

9:30 You can’t ever charge what you are worth, worth is not defined by dollars

10:35 Being fully in tune with your future self saves you money

12:20 Money mindset: the more you are your future self the better the money mindset you’ll have

12:43 How to not feel exhausted after a live event and a book launch (Choose Me)

13:44 Do what you love and I set it up that way

14:40 My future self does this all the time so I had to figure out to be energized so I can keep going

15:47 If you love this podcast, and you want to show the love, please preorder Manifest $10,000 book and I’ll send you a complimentary copy now as this helps me as my intention is 10,000 preorders (special thank yous) so more people can find it too

18:56 Investing in Yourself; My Manifest 10K Experience - I always do first what I ask you to do

19:38 Did it for $10,000 and again for $100,000

20:20 Hold the space - my intention 100 people manifest $10,000 had to be open to receive $100,000 and put myself as this person who received this money

21:40 Read my list of $100,000 and on it was my condo at the Four Seasons, balcony, deep tub, kitchen, floors, windows and more light, perfect parking space and what happens is it always happens better than I wanted for less money

25:30 Set it and forget it manifesting<