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Feb. 14, 2017

Ep #53: Learn To Allow Abundance

Ep #53: Learn To Allow Abundance
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show introduction

00:30 Cassie Parks introduction

00:58 Podcast where I co-host called Manifest It Now is off of the original network, find it on iTunes under Manifest It Now

2:59 Why money doesn’t manifest quickly and easily

3:20 When you shift your focus on manifesting more money your business will see success

4:20 Welcoming more money lets you serve your people better

4:45 Maggie and the $20,000 story

6:20 Create an environment that helps you move on to the next level

6:55 When you’re struggling with money it’s harder to build your business. Let abundance flow through you and you can flow it back out

7:50 Story about a client whose flight got cancelled on the way to the workshop but investing in her was easy because it was what was needed. Abundance lets you help others!

10:20 Phone call with my publisher

11:11 Learn to allow abundance and watch amazing things come into your life

11:20 Get the print copy of Manifest $10,000 and get even more out of it

12:30 Order now and get an extra copy to give to a friend

13:20 When you understand what blocks you from manifesting, you can cut them out quick and get your focus back on track

13:45 Find the law of attraction and take control of your thoughts and beliefs

14:45 Trying to fix what is wrong means focusing on what isn’t working instead of what is

15:40 Focus more on the experience and the bigger goal

15:45 If you trying to find something that is broken you that you need to fix, guaranteed you will find it

16:04 Stay where you are and keep going

16:14 People try to force it with brute force

17:52 Reason people do not manifest money is that the brain resists change, your brain’s job is to keep you safe

18:48 Brain creates the current reality from your past memories

19:02 Keep going instead of stop - might experience brain detox

19:42 Tap into your abundance feeling and activating those more

20:30 Great call in Manifest10K Course about this, when your brain starts detoxing you can feel overly emotional, out of sorts and people get off the tracks too soon, keep going!

21:16 Put on your calendar to follow this program

21:35 Limiting beliefs cause people to move backwards because they are trying to fix how it is working

22:06 Go digging for limiting beliefs, you will always find them and step backwards

24:05 When hitting a block in