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Feb. 22, 2017

Ep #54: Why Can’t I Manifest Money Part 2

Ep #54: Why Can’t I Manifest Money Part 2
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Show Notes:

00:05 Show introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks introduction

00:45 On May 16, 2017, the Manifest $10,000 book will be in bookstores.

1:07 Being your own advocate

1:47 Why money doesn’t manifest quickly and easily

2:30 How to be aware and shift your focus to where it should be

3:30 Keep implementing and moving forward in what works

4:30 Having a business that lets you work anywhere

5:20 Grab a pre-ordered copy of Manifest $10,000 and receive a complimentary signed copy.

6:45 Thank you shout out

7:10 If you get the book and manifest money, share your story!

8:24 When you can become aware that you’re giving attention to something you don’t need, you can stop it

8:50 The key is where your focus goes

9:20 Reason one to why you aren’t manifesting money: Do what’s on your list because you want to become the person who welcomes more

11:10 What you’re doing is about what you’re being

11:35 Doing less with intention gets your more

12:00 Spend 24/7 being focused on the person who brings in more money

13:00 You get what you’re being

13:50 Appreciate what’s in front of you

14:18 Join the Manifest 10K Course

14:50 Reason two as to why you aren’t manifesting money: not being clear about what’s wanted

16:10 Be clear on the amount of money you want to manifest

17:00 Don’t ask for an amount that’s too big for your brain to comprehend.

17:45 $10,000 to $50,000 is what most people need to truly change their life.

30:25 Thank you for being here

30:30 Today’s Mantra: I love money

30:39 End