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March 1, 2017

Ep #55: Manifesting Debt Free

Ep #55: Manifesting Debt Free
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks introduction

1:00 You have to be able to welcome the abundance of money into your life

1:26 How does debt impact your manifesting capability

2:08 Loving the ability to be able to work from wherever

2:50 Whatever your dream is..I want to help you step into it

3:20 Take a second and think about what is awesome about your life

3:50 How do you want to be describing your life in the future?

4:38 This podcast is brought to you by my book Manifest $10,000

7:23 Shout out to those who have pre-ordered my book Manifest $10,000

7:55 Manifesting debt freedom

8:05 My experience with making money while having debt

9:50 The five year vision

10:30 When you don’t have a vision, there’s nothing that pulls money in or keeps it

12:30 Be clear about what you want in terms of money

13:10 When you know better you do better

13:45 Let go of the guilt about your debt

15:10 Don’t put your focus and energy on debt, create a vision of where you want to go

16:45 Staying in your budget

17:30 If you focus on debt you’ll create more

19:00 Your attention and focus needs to be on your future vision

20:30 What do you want? Who do you want to be?

21:00 Snowballing your debt

22:00 Paying off debt without putting energy on it

24:18 Why people focus on debt and how to shift away from this

25:50 Focusing on the negatives distracts you from your future

27:04 Get clear on what you want

28:50 Saying you can’t afford it takes away your choice to

29:40 Using debt as an excuse can keep you in debt

31:37 Put money towards your vision

32:18 Forgive yourself so you can stop punishing yourself

33:01 Put your mental energy on your financial future

34:25 Energy recreates itself

34:35 Accept and move forward

35:45 Thank you for hanging with me

35:55 Email me at thecassieparks@gmail.com and let me know how this show opened up for you