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March 8, 2017

Ep #56: How To Manifest $10,000

Ep #56: How To Manifest $10,000
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:38 Cassie Parks introduction

00:51 Lots of people tell me where they listen and if you’d like to do that you can email me at thecassieparks@gmail.com and tell me where is the favorite place to listen this show and the impact it has on you

1:18 Please leave a review at iTunes so it helps more people find the show

1:36 I know you are listening because you want to welcome more money into your life without struggle so you can build your business quicker and easier

1:45 How to manifest $10,000 in 90 days

2:00 Overview of how to do this

2:18 You will be hearing stories of how to do this in your life

2:33 If you are loving this season of the podcast, go to http://manifest10000book.com and preorder your copy, it will be in bookstores May 16, 2017, and I’ll send you a copy now and then you’ll get your second copy you ordered that you can gift to a friend.

4:43 Thank you to those who have purchased already.

4:58 Financial future vision

5:35 Put your focus on what you are moving toward

5:50 Manifest10K.com and join the money manifesting party - the process is there if you want to take advantage of it

6:30 Hired a new marketing person and super excited about that - doing my future self work and got more clarity on what that looked like and this led me to her where I could find a bigger audience

8:40 How to manifest $10,000 in 90 days overview

8:54 Why 90 days? When I set up the course, I had 30 days of course material but I wanted you to practice for 90 days. 90 days gives time for the universe to move things around. It is a process.

9:55 Follow the process and give it time

10:20 Lining up with my money mindset - things had to happen to support what you are manifesting and stepping into

11:48 You are moving forward to your set intention and the universe is placing things where they need to be so you intersect

13:38 Sometimes you don’t see it, so you go a new direction but the universe already put things in the original path but you changed directions and you are walking away from what you want

15:15 So the pieces have to be rearranged to deliver what you want because you didn’t stay the course

17:23 Go all in for 90 days

17:40 Break this course up into three trimesters (30 days each)

17:50 Trimester One: Where you are putting your energy, attention and focus - get clear what you want and starting the process of allowing

19:15 Five new clients $10,000 or One client pre-paid for a year $10,000 - get cl