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March 15, 2017

Ep #57: How To Manifest Money Part I

Ep #57: How To Manifest Money Part I
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show introduction

00:38 Cassie Parks introduction

1:08 What stop entrepreneurs from pulling in the money they desire

1:36 Growing your money mindset

1:58 My book Manifest $10,000 gives information on how to empower you to attract more money into your life

2:36 Story about my gratitude for my current life.

3:25 Appreciating the experience

4:00 Thanks to everyone watching

4:10 You can preorder my book Manifest $10,000 which will be available May 16th 2017 in bookstores and you’ll get a complimentary copy.

5:55 Thank you shout out to those who have already ordered

6:36 Money is great, but the control of your life is most important.

7:13 Step one in the process of manifesting ten thousand dollars.

7:50 Why you shouldn’t focus on a huge amount of money.

8:30 Getting clear about what you want

9:18 The book Manifest $10,000 is a great study guide to read along with the podcast.

10:00 Turning your attention towards what you want

10:12 Clarity creates focus

10:29 Ask yourself “What am I going to do with the money I’ll manifest?”

10:50 Looking for patterns

11:30 Patterns that make people successful

12:10 Allocating your $10,000

12:41 The quicker you become clear, the quicker you manifest money

13:00 Identifying your abundance feeling

13:20 Making sure your steps are in alignment with what you want.

14:38 Get clear with how you want to spend every single dollar.

15:50 Invision the feeling you will get from manifesting what you want.

16:14 What will you do with the free’d up money?

17:00 Direct your money from the beginning

17:58 Being clear on the details

18:20 What’s the end result?

18:55 How being clear makes you more valuable

20:35 Story about how the universe brings in what you focus on

21:00 Learn the process in 90 days

21:15 Repeat the process until it’s embedded in your brain.

22:00 Not being aware can stop you from manifesting

22:30 You order exactly what you wan